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Get in-home medical care.

Patients living with multiple chronic conditions may qualify for Landmark through their health plan. Landmark’s providers: doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants bring medical care to you. Learn how to get started and what services are available.

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We care for you where you are - whenever you need us. Image

We care for you where you are - whenever you need us.

Landmark providers bring medical care to you in person, over the phone or through video. Landmark is available 24/7, including weekends, holidays and when your regular doctor’s office is closed. Landmark provides routine and urgent visits.

New to Landmark? Here’s what you can expect.

New to Landmark? Here’s what you can expect.
  1. You’ll receive a letter from your health plan introducing Landmark Health.
  2. Landmark will call you to discuss the program and schedule an in-home medical visit with a Landmark provider.
  3. During your first house call, we’ll ask about your health goals and discuss Landmark’s services. We’ll go over the forms that allow Landmark to treat you, similar to those you sign in your doctor’s office. We’ll then review your medical history, do a physical exam and schedule a future visit.
  4. Once you are a Landmark patient, you can reach a Landmark provider any time of the day or night, including weekends and holidays. Keep in mind that notes from your Landmark visits are sent to your primary care doctor.

Testimonials and Reviews.

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Landmark Patient

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Landmark Caregiver
North Carolina

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Dr. Armstrong
Riverbend Medical

Patient Review
Jennie Bullard
Mar 07, 2024

April is my nurse that comes to see me and she goes above and beyond to make sure I'm ok she has so much compassion and let's you no she truly cares about you. She got me help with therapist and they are also just as awesome. I no if there's anything I need they're here too help and not judge me. The level of care and concern shown by everyone I've came in contact with is amazing and priceless. I encourage everyone to use landmark if they get the chance. Thanks for everything

Patient Review
D Smalls
Mar 07, 2024

I call Landmark health. They are amazing. The nurse was Hear the next day. She called her partitional and we made a appointment and I was in Grand View. Outpatient, had x-ray and ask for copy of disk. Landmark, call to check on.Me to see how I was going.I would recommend them to somebody else

Patient Review
Bari Olevsky
Mar 07, 2024

Most importantly, they have been there for me several times when my PCP couldn't (or wouldn't) help. Last fall, after waiting two weeks for my PCP to write a new prescription for Gabapentin, I called Landmark. It took a few phone calls, but my new prescription was available in a few hours. I recently suffered symptoms of possible heart failure. I had an appt. coming up w/Laura Vogler. When I saw her she knew just what to do and who to call. The cardiac nurse just wanted me to go to the ER. Dr. Vogler pointed out that at the ER they would do the exact same things that could be done in the office (chest X-ray, blood work etc.), but I would be stuck there for hours. Instead I got an appointment to see a nurse in the office. Dr. Vogler warned me strictly to go to the ER if my symptoms got worse, also to watch my salt intake. She also reassured me by telling me that this kind of situation was not uncommon at my age, i.e. "pushing 80". I'm very grateful that Landmark is there for me.

Caregiver videos.

If you care for someone who is frail or elderly, you may need to help them up after a fall. How do you do so in way that is safe for you and your loved one? In this video, Jeanne, a nurse and Landmark Health leader, offers some tips to help!

In this caregiver tutorial video, Jeanne - nurse and Landmark VP of Health Services - shows you how your loved one can use everyday items, like soup cans, to build upper body strength. She also has low-impact, lower body strength building recommendations. When done consistently, these exercises and help your loved one be more mobile and independent.

In this video, caregivers can learn how to make the homes of seniors safer, reducing fall risks coming in and out of the home. Landmark's VP of Health Services, Jeanne, takes you through some simple tricks to support your loved ones.

In this video, caregivers can learn how to help seniors move about the home more easily through the use of walkers with skis and trays. Landmark's VP of Health Services, Jeanne shares a few simple tips to support the older adults in your life.

Supplement in-person visits with telemedicine.

Patients can connect with their Landmark care team through Landmark's patient app for Android or iPhone.

Your Landmark care team.

Meet some members of our specialty care teams who work to keep you well. Local teams may vary.

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Physicians or advanced practice providers who bring high-quality care to complex patients, where they reside. These providers identify problems early and work with the Primary Care Physician to make changes that can prevent patients from getting sicker.

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Physicians or advanced practice providers who treat patients urgently in place. They are available without appointments when an assessment or care is needed quickly and they act like hospitalists at home.

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Behavioral Health Specialists

Visit patients in the home to assess the need for ongoing treatment, medication and social support.

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Review medicines and ensure the best medication selection. Answer patients' medication questions and educate them on how best to take their medications.

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Nurse Care Managers

Work with patients over the phone and in collaboration with the Landmark provider. Act as an advocate for patients' health and life goals.

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Social Workers

Work with patients in their home and help connect them to community resources that may help improve their health and well-being.

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Counsel patients on how food can impact overall health, including diet recommendations. Small, low-cost changes can lead to big health improvements.

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Work with patients in the home and over the phone to gather information that helps Landmark providers better care for patients.

Services available to you.

We’ll help keep you well at home and treat you in place when needed. Whether you are worried about a suspicious spider bite, are feeling blue, or concerned about coming down with the flu.

Our visits are scheduled around your health needs and schedule. Everything from checking your vitals, and reviewing your medications, to having in-depth discussions about your needs and concerns.

Sometimes you aren’t feeling well when your doctor’s office is closed or your primary care provider doesn’t have any appointments available. You’re not sure if you should wait, go to an urgent care, or even go to the hospital. Landmark patients can call their care team any time of the day or night to help make these decisions and receive care if needed.

Living with multiple chronic conditions may mean that you have several doctors. Landmark can be a single source that considers your whole health and helps facilitate communication to everyone involved. We can also make recommendations to your health plan for additional services and care that you may require, including physical therapy, home health nurses, walkers and more.

Receive urgent diagnoses and (non-COVID-19) treatments at home, including fluids, medications, prescriptions, labs and X-rays. No appointment is necessary. You can avoid the drive to urgent care or the hospital, and avoid the wait, the germs and the bills.

After coming home from the hospital or skilled nursing facility, many patients are at risk of being readmitted within a few weeks. Landmark providers meet you at home after a discharge, to review discharge instructions and medications, and help you coordinate follow-up appointments. This can help you avoid hospital readmissions.

Care That Works

Landmark patients have a 25% reduction in hospitals admissions,
emergency room visits and skilled nursing facility days.
Our urgent and routine visits allow you to remain in the comfort of your own home.
We have made more than one million house calls nationally. Let us care for you too.